Question about adding a colon to Rudimentary Essay, Lesson 1


At one point in my preparation to teach, I heard that the Rudimentary Essay was going to change from having a period at the end of the first sentence to having a colon. For example, from p. 54 in the Teacher's Guide, 4th Ed.:
"Edmund should not have followed the White Witch for three reasons: Edmund's sister..." Am I to be teaching my students to use the colon or the period?
I am loving this curriculum!!! Many thanks for all you are doing to help us teach our children to write well!!!
Sincerely, Christine Nickelsen

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    CiRCE Customer Support

    This is a common question, and generally we say that it's up to you. People have different opinions on this. Some of us like the colon, following by commas method, but others among us like the periods, because it gets the kids thinking in terms of separate thoughts and ideas, which can be useful. I know that's not the most emphatic answer, but I hope it's helpful.

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