What is the difference between LTW and using the socratic method in writing?

The Socratic method is a general way of teaching (one of two classical ways of teaching: the mimetic and Socratic)


LTW is a set of particular lessons for teaching classical rhetoric. Its lessons are built on the mimetic way of teaching.


Both mimetic and Socratic teaching utilize questions to guide the student’s learning. 


 The mimetic sequence is a way of teaching that forms new knowledge in a student by 1) deliberately preparing him for the new knowledge, 2) presenting types (examples) of the new idea, 3) leading him to compare and grasp the idea, and 4) evaluating his expression and practice of the idea.  


The Socratic method includes mimetic instruction, but typically begins with the correction (deconstruction) of some error in the student’s thinking before moving into the mimetic mode which teaches the new idea.

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