Is there a typo on pg 13 of Student Workbook?

The paragraph headed 'Sorting into Group 2' doesn't seem to make sense. I expected the first part of this section, second sentence, to read, 'If the second item was put in a group with the first item then do NOT put a different symbol by it." 

I would expect this because it already belongs to a group. And, to continue in the manner stated in SW hardly results in differentiation, which is the goal.
In addition to these points, the DVD instructs to simply begin another group.

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    CiRCE Customer Support

    Your assumption is very understandable! The reason for the sorting procedure we have laid out in this lesson is to teach students a deep method of sorting, which includes showing them that ideas can be in more than one group at a time, depending on the way we sort them. If you think about something more visual, like M&M’s we could sort them one way, by color, and each color would have its own symbol. We can also sor them into multiple groups-




    -warm colors/cool colors


    So each M&M could be in several groups.

    Does this help? The sorting lesson can be tough, so feel free to ask more questions!

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    Then it is a POSSIBILITY, that an item can belong to one or more group(s)? The way this particular sentence is constructed leaves no room for a possibility, it is MANDATED, and therefore confuses the main purpose of the exercise. My student progressed down the entire list of 15 affirmative bullets, tirelessly committing them to two or more categories! I didn't think it was helpful. After we watched the DVD we ignored that section of the book, but it ought to stand alone. 

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    CiRCE Customer Support

    Thank you very much for your feedback on this lesson.  I am very sorry that this lesson was frustrating as presented.  There are in fact many different way to sort ideas, and we are trying to help students understand several key ideas about sorting ideas and organizing their thoughts.  In practice, many teachers and individual students sort and order their ANI charts in different ways.  Like many tools in the LTW, there isn’t always one right way to do something, but we are striving to communicate many needed steps and facts in one lesson.  Just knowing the general idea of sorting the ANI, and not knowing the specifics of your experience, I can offer that we see students learn from meticulous sorting, as it helps them to approach their ideas in ways they did not immediately think of.  Students often sort writing proofs into immediately obvious categories, and we hope to encourage them to think beyond the first idea that comes to mind.


    We appreciate your follow-up and honesty with this lesson, and we will be looking carefully at the wording for this lesson for subsequent editions. 

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