Why is sorting so important?

The following response comes from current CiRCE apprentice Lisa Ripperton:

As a Circe Apprentice, my experience with LTW is through using the materials to teach myself so I can complete the writing assignments. My last assignment was to do the Arrangement (Sorting) for the Introductory Persuasive Essay.

Before I started, I really couldn't see the point of writing a symbol in front of each item in the A and N columns of my ANI. But as I got into it, I was surprised by how much I had to think about in order to do it. I even came up with some more items for my A and N columns in the process, items that in retrospect I couldn't believe I had forgotten. (Andrew did tell me it was OK to add items to my ANI even after I had "completed" it).

Then I had to come up with words to describe all the items with the same symbol next to them, so I had to think what they had in common.

Next I had to weigh the reasons for each side of the argument and decide which to defend.

Then I had to choose the three strongest reasons of the five I had come up with (this may have been the hardest part for was hard to let go of ANY of them).

And lastly I had to order the proofs, following the instructions to put the least compelling reason second and most emotionally effective last. That meant I had to decide which was the most emotionally effective, which I did not find easy to do, as well as which to put first and which to put second.

I saw nothing in the instructions that tells how to order the three sub-proofs, but I obviously had to do that too.

So you see how much thinking is involved in what seems on the surface to be such a simple process! Sorting promotes thinking!

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